We have decided that we will send part of the money collected (250 CZK) somewhere where it helps every day. 💕

We chose three projects close to our heart and the winner of each quiz🎉🎊 can decide where the money goes. Thus we can help together on a daily basis. The more we play the more we help!💊🧪💪🤜🔜❌🦠

🔴 ZACHRAŇ HOSPODU 🥘🍲🍛 - We want to support pubs without which we would not exist and we cannot wait to meet you all there once this is all over!
Choose a pub, we pay for a voucher and send it to you. You can use it when the pub re-opens.

🔴 ZACHRAŇ PIVO 🍺🍻 - We proudly support small breweries because....well because quiz and beer just go together.
Choose a brewery that will send you your favourite beer and it is on us!

🔴 ENERGII LÉKAŘŮM 🔋👩‍🔬👨‍🔬- help to those on the frontline, our healthcare workers need energy every day
  - this organization will send a care package to healthcare workers and lets you know whom you've helped


Team = max. 8 players with same ABBREVIATION

Team bonus + 2000b. for each player/game night in team scores

The bigger the team the bigger the advantage!

The best team of the "Corona season" gets

  • online game cup,
  • escape game voucher
  • discount voucher for drinks for your team in a PubQuiz pub of your choice!