After purchasing a ticket, install Kahoot. in your phone. You will need it to answer the questions.

You can also play from your PC opening two tabs; one with and also YOUTUBE with live stream of the quiz.

15-5 minutes prior to the quiz you will receive a unique PIN code via e-mail you entered purchasing a ticket.  Use this PIN to sign into Kahoot.

At 7PM CET join in for the live stream on YOUTUBE

The quiz starts at 7:30PM CET.

Simply - you see questions read by the host on your screen and you answer on your phone.

There is a 10s delay between the stream and answers in the app. 

First you see possible answers on your phone and then, seconds later, the host reads the question. It is O.K., everyone experiences this. 


It is totally voluntary ;).

After entering your PIN you will be asked to enter the following: 

- your nickname/name.
- press SPACE
- enter the abbreviation of your team (ABC, LOL, ATD.)
- click ENTER and you are in!

Example: team "PUQ" has players Covid PUQ, Doktor PUQ, Lekar PUQ

Let us know (email, FB) your 

  • abbreviation
  • whole name of your team
  • city you are playing from 

You can find your team score in RESULTS.


Tea, = max. 8 players with the same abbreviation

Team bonus + 2000b. for each player/game night in team scores 

The bigger the team the bigger the advantage!

The best team of the "Corona season" gets

  • online game cup,
  • escape game voucher
  • discount voucher for drinks for your team in a PubQuiz pub of your choice!

Team scores are added up from MON + WED quizzes.

There is only one league MON+WED = Corona Ligue.